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July 1, 2016

All Change / No Change – Part 2

All Change / No Change – Part 2

“It is approaching 3 years since we shared the news that we were transitioning from a Partnership to become an Employee Owned Business. This, at the time, was termed an ‘all change / no change’ move, as we aligned the way in which we worked with a legal structure of Employee Ownership.

Under this new structure, we have developed significantly as a business and have seen marked growth and achievement. We are, however, continually looking to the future and challenging ourselves to evolve and develop.

We have now reached another milestone in this evolution. Brian Park has chaired our Board of Directors since our transition to an EOB in 2013 and his pre-agreed term as Chairman is nearing an end. In view of this, we are pleased to announce that, as from 1st July 2016, Karen Pickering will take on the role of the Chair of the Board and Andrew Bateman is appointed Managing Director.

Karen Pickering has been with the office for 25 years and is well respected in the profession for her enthusiasm and support for exciting architecture across a wide range of fields. That energy and drive to ensure the best possible architectural outcomes will carry in to her new leadership role as Chair of the practice.

Andrew Bateman has been with PagePark for 16 years and has become well known for his ability to guide and realise complex and creative projects. For the past two years Andrew has taken the role of Finance Director on the Board and the extension of this role into that of Managing Director will provide a steady hand overseeing the operational and financial management of the practice as we seek to evolve and respond to new challenges.

Whilst this is an ‘all change’ in the leadership of the practice, there is ‘no-change’ in the fact that all current Directors (including both Brian Park and David Page) will remain on the Board in our collaborative model of management.

This marks a new and exciting chapter in the evolution of our practice that we believe maps and secures the longevity of the practice into the future.