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Our Briefing and Interiors team posed the question during their last Monday morning asking what we expect from our interiors? A number of voices emerged about the nature of the interior in its relationship to the outside, its role as a platform for life, its sensuality and its primacy. We have collected these thoughts below:

Outside Inside

Exterior spaces can feel like interiors if the scale of enclosure is right (Isobel)

Living outside inside and inside outside (Dan)

The threshold between inside and outside (Chris)

Where inside and outside end (Tony)

An inside walk in the outside (Neil)

The corner of inside is the the corner of outside (David W)

Through glass we can live outside (Daniel)

The interior is a raft to the outside world (Hugo)


If a space is good for dancing it is good for people (Nicola)

Can our interiors be conceived in the spirit of ‘home’ (Karen N)

Interiors should be a backdrop for people (Catriona)

We can be the colour (Marianne)

The interior is a stage for people (Jamie)


Without glamour there is only pragmatics (Karen P)

It is ok to enjoy the materiality of volume, light and form (Nicole)

Light and colour is the essence of materiality (Paul)

The interior is a still life (Ross)

Where floor becomes wall and wall becomes roof and roof becomes light and dark (Peter)

A backdrop as a foreground (Ana)


The prosaic elevated to the sublime (Iain M)

In the primitive we find the fundamental (Iain K)

The interior is architecture (Joanne)

The art of doing nothing can be everything (Colin)

So many great rooms have been lost through the passage of time and the inevitability of decay and destruction (Oona)

An interior should make you think, translate it into words (Andy )

Interior Visions