/ Paul Sutton / Creative Workspace

Do you ever get the feeling that the ground you are standing on feels like shifting sands. In the bid to make building delivery more efficient, react to the digital age, increase the speed of the processes we follow and engage with the technologies that support us a whole series of interconnected realignments are taking place and relationships undone and reformed.

From the architects profession has come the suggestion that we need to carry out our own refurbishment of the steps we follow in moving from concept to delivery. Where now we use the alphabet to characterise the stages, (up to L) we should now use numbers up to the magic seven for a refined series of steps with a number 0 to start it off - which makes 8 steps just to confuse things.

As in all aspects of our lives the need for better communication drives advance in our tools. Architecture is no different as the industry demands delivery improvement. To those left behind, learning these new tools feels more like the daunting task of learning to play an instrument to concert standard.

On the legal side, the lawyers that develop contracts, there has been an explosion of contract types which verges on an industrial scale production of protection and cover between all and from all - a sort of legal invisibility suit.

In the end the collective outcome is the same as it always was - to get what you need built, and from our perspective as beautifully as possible that brings lasting benefits to the community who use it. For all the machinations of getting there we have to remember that long after we have gone what we all have left is something solid whatever the ground.