/ Andrew Bateman / City & Land

What a great two weeks the city has experienced as it has invited the world to share its streets and venues. The shift in mind set was palpable from dancing policemen to seated invasions of the pavements, an intoxicating musical ambience and whiff of street food, spontaneous performance and impromptu conversation

So as the flags are taken down, stalls removed and barriers packed away, we asked ourselves - what are we left with?

A city that might be less organised around the car was one popular suggestion, the potential of impermanence as a catalyst for regeneration another, alongside the production of new infrastructure, housing and facilities promoting a spirit of health through the celebration of space - above all a sense of Glasgow being right up there embracing diversity as a key quality!

One penetratingly questioned whether this ‘Commonwealth Games version of Glasgow’ was an ambition or an aberration. The unanimous response is that we, those who live in the city have to live up to the memory we have left the world with. We have to make that Commonwealth Games version of the city, the actual version altering our policies and actions to make that possible.

A place that is not about being tough, but tough about being fair, a place that does not have a chip on its shoulder and maybe in the future even less on the plate and a place for people as in a variation of the theme – people make places!

For that we may need a new language of form for the use of our internal and external spaces, play more with the ideas of the permanent, semi permanent and impermanent , explore the language of events in the form of the plug in, pop up, prop add on, in creating a series of new stages, supporting the vibrant life of the city.

Now that would be good legacy!

Opening Ceremony at Kelvingrove Bandstand