/ David Shaw / City & Land

Considering the process of how we make our architecture goes far beyond simply asking what steps we take. It’s about understanding why we take those steps in the first place, looking at what they offer to the greater exercise of building the foundations on which to develop a project.

The process of design begins long before we draw a line, reach for our most inspiring architectural book or begin to discuss form and function. Its origins lie in the understanding of context and client. Asking questions of both, information is collected and collated and recorded for analysis, each piece helping build in our minds, the history of the place and the imagined narrative of its new story.

Our processes are sometimes intuitive. They bring an order to our methodology, a clarity of thought. They simplify and objectify the key aspects of what we are thinking about at any one time. The process shouldn’t be prescriptive, it should be descriptive, just enough to set us on the road and keep us traveling in the right direction.