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It has been a year since we represented ourselves in our new website platform. What was important in our re-visioning thinking was that the website should reflect the people in our office and their contributions. For that we needed to have the ability to update content ourselves as we go along. News and particularly the Monday Word has allowed us to offer controlled glimpses into how we work and created a platform for individual views and presentation of expertise.

Content aside, part of the attractiveness of the website came from the inspirational input of our web designers Freytag Anderson. Their vision about how we should structure our content lay in the creation of a framework that was capable of being adapted through time and in parallel would format to all the different platforms now available from the classic desktop to the mobile phone.

We continue to move forward, and in particular in our graphic platforms for the office, through the work of the Jellybeans. Our approach as with the website has been to create a framework not a template for these printed productions very much in the way we advocate frameworks in our master planning rather than fixed plans.

Some simple objectives have emerged; clarity which is self evident, only using what is essential, above all retaining flexibility through the adaptability of grids - just as in the website, and retaining our objectivity.

Rigour and objectivity are happy bedfellows and they support our decision making rather than constantly following intuition - that is saving intuition to where it is wanted, in the content. One intuitive response however has, interestingly, been to return to a motif introduced in our rebranding a number of years ago by the creative team from Graven Images - the backslash of our logo now used as a linking theme overlaid on our rigorous grids.