Sensitive Change

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We believe strongly in the importance of the need to differentiate between places. Places are shaped by the specific and the general. On the one hand we have the specific geographic and topographic nature of each natural setting and on the other broadly accepted attitudes to the provision of roads or building styles which are shared by many cities and towns.

When these building settings emerge it is the geographic location and topography that tend to give a specific character to the particular place articulating the roads, paths and orientation. The result is a specific and memorable sensibility.

Sometimes for us a number of projects congregate in one place. We have explored this in a number of recent projects in St Andrews namely our interior transformation of Martyrs Church to a post graduate reading room and two project competitions for St Leonard's School sports facilities and the proposed refurbishment of James Stirling’s student housing on the outskirts.

Interestingly each project represents a different character and interaction with the town. St Andrews snuggles up to its coast line of beach and port so whilst the Martyrs project is embedded in the historic spines, St Leonard's remarkable school campus to one edge frames them. The Stirling Melville Halls in contrast sit in splendid isolation to the north free negotiating the step in the landscape from a higher bluff down to the sea.

All these buildings however Illustrate we are part of a continuum. What we do, should add distinctively but carefully to these distinctive places.

Martyrs Kirk Reading Room