Voice 25 - Jackson McKibbin - What is Architecture?

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What is Architecture asked Jackson McKibbin. The honesty of the question was refreshing. Art or Science is perhaps the stock answer but that is over simplistic. To call the architect an artist is to misunderstand the role, where in broad terms the artist takes the real into the abstract world the architect is involved in the reverse, taking the abstract into the realities of making buildings and cities.

Zahn Hadid’s remonstration to ‘stop confusing architecture with art’ is perhaps therefore sound advice.

But then on the other hand to likewise call the architect a scientist is perhaps as confusing. The architect has to understand technology, physics and economics in its broadest application. To expect the architect to adopt the rigour of scientific application would be a big ask.

The answer to the question then is that Architecture is a bridge between the two, Art and Science. The architect is a journey man crossing between the banks of culture on one hand and fact on the other. Sometimes we will veer to one bank or other but interestingly the balance through time rights itself.

Light and Architecture