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It is an old adage, sometimes attributed to Confucius, that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. This simplistic aphorism is perhaps overly reductive – there will invariably be occasions where the everyday minutiae feels more like ‘work’ than leisure – but if you can generally align your practice with the interests in your life then your enthusiasm and passion for the subject will be evident to those working alongside you.

In architecture, as in other walks of life, there are opportunities to find your ‘niche’, where your interests become aligned with your work. If you have a particular enthusiasm for sport, for example, then by seizing upon an opportunity with vigour you might find yourself fully immersed on a career-defining course. Similarly, if you have a personal passion for the arts then it might be possible to spend your working life focussed on the design of galleries, theatres, museums and concert halls.

It is in this spirit that our practice is conceived as loosely grouped areas of interest – from masterplanning and conservation through to workspace design and interiors. With the freedom to move between these diverse specialisms, it is possible to find what truly interests you so that your passion and enthusiasm can thrive. In such an environment, perhaps it is possible to become an expert in the truest sense.

This might sound dry or dull – it could even be pejorative – but to us there is no ‘expert’ without fun, joy and enthusiasm; these things go hand-in-hand and have long been two crucial components of great work. Great buildings, to which we all aspire, are no exception.