Alison Watt Tapestry Revealed

Alison Watt’s tapestry for the foyer of Scottish Opera's extension to the Theatre Royal in Glasgow has been ceremonially cut from its weaving frame at the Dovecot Studios Edinburgh. Seen for the first time this immense work inspired by the opera Madama Butterfly, will be a brilliant foil to the new interiors. The challenge for any artist to move from the painted surface to the tapestry lies in understanding the difference between the art forms. This has only been possible through the intensity of the working relationship with the master weaver Naomi Robertson where the subtlety and nuances of Alison Watt’s surface and colour gradations have been brilliantly captured in thread. The result is a magical mix of blended tones, sharp contrasts and intense colouring that draw, move and focus the eye across this remarkable surface. Can't wait to see it up.

The tapestry is cut from the weaving frame at Dovecot Studios

Photographer: Michael Wolchover