'Building on Mackintosh' Symposium

On 17th April we had the opportunity to contribute to the “Building on Mackintosh” Symposium at Glasgow School of Art where well over 200 delegates gathered to be updated, share and discuss the challenges going forward with the restoration of the Mackintosh Building following last May’s devastating fire. This followed a similar event hosted by GSA at the Venice Biennale last November, with the Glasgow event also attracting an international audience. Brian Park had the opportunity to share the basis of our approach as we lead a hand-picked team of consultants on the project working to deal with all aspects of the Brief and the Conservation challenges under the banner:

'The Building as a Whole, Level by Level, Room by Room and Piece by Piece'

This reflects the forensic approach we have taken so far to all aspects of research, survey and information gathering. While there was an inevitable focus on the Library, it was exciting to have a range of presentation and break-out seminars relating to other aspects of the challenge which lies ahead. We will now build on the knowledge gained, information shared and contacts made. It is a great project, with great energy and a wonderful opportunity to see Mackintosh’s Masterpiece brought back to vibrant life.

'Building on Mackintosh' Symposium at Glasgow School of Art