CRM Society Condition Surveys

Along with Simpson & Brown Architects we have been working with the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society to plan a programme of condition surveys of Mackintosh buildings, interiors and other Mackintosh designed elements including gravestones. The grouping of projects has been divided equally between the two practices and is based on a prioritised list derived from the categorisation in the wonderful Mackintosh Architecture - Context, Making & Meaning website launched in 2014. The purpose is to achieve an up to date picture of the current state of repair and any conservation issues which need to be addressed across a wide range of projects in various public and private ownerships.

A successful application to The Monument Fund means that we are now commissioned by the CRM Society to undertake these surveys and prepare reports over the rest of 2015. This work will build on our extensive experience of Mackintosh buildings including The Hill House, Queens Cross Church, Scotland Street School, Glasgow School of Art and The Glasgow Herald Building (now The Lighthouse). The practice is currently involved as architects for the transformation of Glasgow's Kelvin Hall, an element of which will accommodate interiors from Mackintosh tearooms which have been held in storage for decades.

Talwin Morris gravestone to Mackintosh's design. Dumbarton, 1911