Hawkhead Centre Progress

The Hawkhead Centre, a new day centre for our client Scottish War Blinded in Paisley, has been on-site for 8 months and is now wind and watertight. The curved roof, the shape of which was inspired by the placename ‘Hawkhead’ which prompted us to look at the shape of a hawk’s wing, is now complete and forms a striking canopy to the spaces inside. Much of the glazing has been installed and is forming framed vignettes of the landscape and the mature birch, maple, sycamore and scots pine trees that encircle the site. Now that the exterior of the building is almost complete, save for the larch jacket that will protect it from the elements, the focus has shifted to the interior and constructing a comfortable and stimulating environment for Scottish War Blinded to continue their excellent work.

Zinc Roof

West Elevation