New City Blocks Emerging at Laurieston

The scaffolding continues to drop along Gorbals Street, revealing the first building phase of the Laurieston Transformational Regeneration Area. Now wind and water-tight, attention has turned to the internal fixtures and finishes whilst the landscape is excavated, laid and planted outside, gradually stitching the buildings into the fabric of the city in anticipation of the new tenants arriving in the summer. Margaret Street (previously 'Road 4') is the defining feature of this first stage, creating opportunities to activate the edge of the new city block. From here the full effect of the 3-brick mix is evident as the building shimmers in the winter sun, each tone reflecting the light differently with a vibrancy that belies the simple palette. Timber balcony screens and chunky recesses articulate the facade and lend a human scale to the development; crafted and tactile in its execution and reminiscent of a traditional Glasgow tenement. 'Places, not edges' was the aim at the outset and the coming months will reveal how successful that has been; the first glimpse though, is encouraging.