New Project: Edinburgh Printmakers

Press Release from Edinburgh Printmakers Ltd. “Edinburgh Printmakers has appointed a Project Team to deliver their Capital Development Project at Castle Mill Works, Fountainbridge in Edinburgh.
The team includes Gardiner & Theobald LLP as Project Manager, Page \ Park Architects, Will Rudd Davidson as Structural Engineer, Harley Haddow LLP as M&E Services Engineer and Doig & Smith LLP as Quantity Surveyor and CDM Co-ordinator.

Over the last fifty years, much of the legacy of Britain’s industrial heritage has either been restored and reused or demolished. As a result, the remaining untouched fragments of this era have now become quite rare. The prescient acquisition by Edinburgh Printmakers of the former North British Rubber Company Building at Fountainbridge Edinburgh is therefore a great opportunity to learn from the lessons of past restoration experience, but now blended with the creative energy of the Printmakers as they move towards fascinating extensions of their art form. The project becomes a blend of pragmatism and excitement, having to work functionally with a focus on the core discipline and unique aesthetic of printmaking and its machinery, but opened up and revealed through interwoven public functions and a re-imagined sense of community access.

Page \ Park have been part of that movement to assimilate, nurture and reinvigorate our heritage in recent projects such as the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Clydebank Townhall and Rossyln Chapel but also historically in previous work at the Centre for Contemporary Arts and the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

The £9m project involves the redevelopment of the Grade C Listed Castle Mill Works building. Once at the heart of a major industrial manufacturing complex, today it is the last visible reminder of the world renowned Rubbermill that was so important to Edinburgh’s economy and the expansion of the city and livelihood of its people for generations. The Grade C Listed building dates from 1856 and has been abandoned for several decades, and at risk from further structural deterioration. It is currently on the Buildings at Risk Register, but Edinburgh Printmakers will be restoring the building into a place of production again, opening to all in 2018.

We will welcome thousands of visitors, admission free, to enjoy a programme of exhibitions, bistro café/bar and a shop selling limited edition prints, crafts and locally-made designer homewares. In our open access studio we will be running courses, demonstrations and workshops for everyone to try.

The redeveloped building will provide Edinburgh Printmakers with a new world-class cultural facility to support artistic excellence in the medium of print. It will operate as a creative hub where artists and creative talent will enjoy maximum opportunity for cross fertilization of ideas, innovation, production experimentation, enhanced visibility and income generation”