RIAS Doolan Award 2016

We are so delighted to have won the Andrew Doolan Award for 2016 with our new Saunders Centre for Glasgow Academy. Andrew Doolan reinvented the role of the architect as designer and maker in the 1980s and 90s. In a series of seminal projects in Glasgow Merchant City and the Heart of Edinburgh he and his partners lifted the spirits of the development and design community to new heights. Key to his thinking, was always to question the society which could use the buildings, the gusto in which these forms could be expressed and the sheer energy that can come out of a mixture of clever design and value for money.

His legacy embodied in the Doolan award and captured in all its winners is that vitality and fresh exploration of our built environment. The Glasgow Academy, Saunders building is about science in the city, science embedded into the early years of young people's thinking, science celebrated not out the way but right in the middle of our community, science as open not closed and secret.

Andy Doolan as far as we knew never built a school science building but we hope that he would see in the elaboration of the brief, making and use, the same spirit he promoted in his own challenge to the accepted norms in achieving special places to live, work and enjoy.

The Saunders Centre