Theatre Royal Doors Open

Our project for Scottish Opera to build new foyers onto its Glasgow home, the Theatre Royal, has opened its doors. First observations suggest the ambition to create a seamless and comfortable journey from street to seat worked as the building was first tested by a performance with an audience of over a thousand. Cafe, box office and bars are up and running and with daytime opening, the next challenge is to test how the venue can become a go to place for social meets, rendezvous and 'hanging out'.

Its tiered levels, each with their own distinctive scale, surmounted by a roof terrace with views across the city, is a new public offering in the city, one which will add to the buzz and ambience of a visit. Hosting spaces, a floor of dedicated education spaces, and an interweave of stories of the building and its history add to the rich mix - the theatre experience now reimagined as not only the performance, but as a cultural, educational, informative and fun place. In the words of one viewer - a new Glasgow Room.

Scottish Opera Theatre Royal, Glasgow \ Photographer Luigi di Pasquale

View from corner of Hope Street and Cowcaddens Road

View through staircase across Dress Circle foyer

The central double-spiral staircase

Upper Circle foyer and the Staircase