Three Interventions

Brian Park will reflect the work of the practice at the XXXVIIè Curset in Barcelona on 11th-14th December, focusing on sacred buildings through three case studies. Below is a synopsis of his proposed presentation:

The challenge of providing additional social space within the nave of St Teresa's Church in one of Glasgow's most challenging socio-economic areas, with very limited funds following the destruction of the separate church hall by fire is the context. A creative use of materials and innovative methods of procuring the work allowed the new insertion to respond to the architecture of the church rather than simply being a space divided off from the sacred space. At Rosslyn Chapel, the practice has not only undertaken a 4 year programme of repair and conservation on the 15th century chapel but has added new build visitor reception facilities. The approach is contemporary but based on a thorough understanding of the sensitive context of the Chapel Precincts, its architecture and its detail. Finally, at St Andrew's Metropolitan Cathedral in Glasgow Page \ Park have re-ordered and transformed the interior to reflect the significance of the Cathedral to the Diocese as well as adding a new cloister garden as the basis for ongoing transformation.