West End Medical Centre

We were pleased to receive a piece from our client at St Mary's Medical Centre in response to our request for a quote to sum up their experience of working in the building!

An Ode to The West End Medical Practice 2014,

Four million pounds of glass and stone

Stands shimmering in the west

Designed for you by Page and Park

This practice outshines the rest

When you enter through the sliding doors

You’re greeted by the space

The light around is clear and bright

And at reception a friendly face

This environment in which you sit

When you come with ails and ills

Is a wonderful place to contemplate

Your new array of pills

Our doctors are a delightful bunch

And they love their new building so

Each has their own personal space

But you’ll have to book to go

Our brand new build on historic ground

Must surely make you proud

Cause every morning dead on eight

The doors open to a crowd

So thank you all at Page and Park

You’ve kept your eye on the ball

The West End Medical Practice

Is a joy to one and all