Clydebank Masterplan

The Community of Clydebank has never had direct public access to its river front. The closure of the shipyards and the Council supported masterplan by Clydebank Re-built will change that. A series of streets will now connect the town centre to its river.

The first projects have been completed in this masterplan testing the principle that every building should contribute to edging these streets and linking to the river. The first two buildings, Clydebank College by Jenkins & Marr and our Enterprise Centre for Clydebank Re-built define a public square and pavement edge.

The street edge architecture of the Enterprise Centre evokes the memory of the slipways of mass on timber stalks but here re-imagined as a colonnade of ground floor rooms surmounted by varied sizes of individual offices. The result is an evocative street architecture, a model for future development reflecting the ambition of the masterplan.

  • Aerial view of original & updated masterplan

  • Masterplan central area