Craigleith House, Fettes College

The sixth form centre was the first element in the delivery of a master plan to prepare Fettes College, Edinburgh for the 21st century. The campus comprises at its heart the main college inside a donut of landscape edged by residential accommodation around the campus boundary. The centre completes the east edge by anticipating the medium term removal of the science block and by the introduction of a curvilinear form to define an open sweeping approach beyond the school gate.

Whilst the entrance approach established the geometry of the southern face, the overall curving geometry of the block is developed by extrapolation into male and female wings totals 100 en-suite rooms with shared ground floor public functions. The two wings are arranged so as to frame the main college building tower when seen obliquely from East Fettes Avenue and thereby emphasise this entrance role. This concept of bridging is integral to the building as a whole. The college wish the new facility to be seen as a transition between the protective embrace of the school and the independence of further education. It is no surprise then that the building model of a university college has influenced the ambience, demeanour and quality of the building’s brief and form.