Kelvingrove Bandstand & Amphitheatre, Glasgow

For quite some time now there has been a musical silence from the west bank of the Kelvin, in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park. With the re-opening of the 1920’s Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre, sitting just off Kelvin Way, the hope is that that will now change. For those who remember the setting before it closed and fell into disrepair, the hope is that they will not see much change. There have however been subtle but important changes to the setting to improve access and safety of the audience, with adaptation of the stage pavilion to provide appropriate facilities for performers.

Working with the Glasgow Building Preservation Trust the spirit of the venue has been revitalised through its conservation and enhancement to meet new needs, where possible within the restrictions of the steeply sloping site. In particular there has been improvement of access to the amphitheatre as a whole, refurbishment of the seating at the lower level and the introduction of new seating to the rear terraces. A cross-aisle has also been introduced to break up the body of the audience for larger and smaller events and to provide a control position to facilitate productions.

The Bandstand itself has undergone a programme of conservation and repair work with the rebuilding of the stage platform and the addition of two small extensions to the rear, providing support accommodation for performance use.

With its re-opening in 2014, we can once again sit on the sweeping terraces looking down on performers on the stage with that magnificent backdrop of Kelvingrove Park and Park Circus rising triumphantly above.

  • The Bandstand & Amphitheatre at dusk

  • Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

  • View of the sweeping terraces

  • New rear extension from the River Kelvin