Maggie's Centre, Inverness

Maggie's Highlands Cancer Caring Centre at Raigmore Hospital, Inverness is a design collaboration between ourselves and the critically acclaimed landscape designer Charles Jencks.

This facility provides non-residential support and source of information for anyone from the local or wider Highland's communities associated or involved in any way with cancer. The brief from the outset clearly stated that the building had to provide a warm and 'homely' environment for the users of the Centre, whilst also being an uplifting and stimulating place to be.

Inspired by the theme of cell subdivision as a unfiying metaphor for the overall composition, the design for Maggie's Highlands seeks to blur the perceived boundaries between internal and external spaces, enclosure and openness, as a harmonious and interconnected meeting of landscape and built form. The building form and 'language' directly responds to the two vesica shaped spiral landscape mounds seen in the adjacent landscape, combining to create a trilogy of interconnected forms. The building form is conceived as in inversion of one of the mounds, with walls angling out rather than in, clad in green copper bands spiralling up and around the building, echoing the spiralling paths on each mound.