Titan Enterprise Centre, Clydebank

The Titan Enterprise Centre is a 2,250m2 three and a half storey new-build office building constructed on one section the Queens Quay site of the former John Brown shipyards in Clydebank for the urban regeneration company Clydebank Rebuilt Ltd. The building provides 31 individual ‘turn-key’ office suites for letting as business start-up units, with common reception, lounge, service and meeting room functions.

The project (sitting in the recently completed public realm and landscaping infrastructure on a 16 acre site) is the first realisation of the Page\Park masterplan (commissioned by Clydebank Rebuilt in 2003) for the wider re-development and regeneration of the vacant 80 acre brown-field shipyard site stretching along the river Clyde. The building form and materials seek to respond aesthetically to the rich ship-building legacy of the site.

The northern 3 1/2 storey section of the building fronting the public road is clad in copper. With flaring cantilevered steps in the floor slabs at each level, the envelope adopts a twisting form reminiscent of a ships hull. This imagery is accentuated by the roofline rising along the length of the elevation to the cantilevered ‘prow’ at the easternmost end. The copper ‘hull’ is apparently ‘propped’ on timber columns at ground floor along its length (part of the glazing support system) in the same manner that ships being constructed on the site would have been supported prior to their launch.

The southern half of the building, by way of contrast, is 3 storeys in height and is clad in timber. This contrasting aesthetic seeks to reflect the contrasting materials seen on hull and fit-out elements of ship construction.