Collegelands, Glasgow

The unbuilt east flank of the Glasgow City Ring Road has for 40 years blighted what is now called the 'Collegelands' area on the High Street. A masterplan linking to Dennistoun was prepared by Page\Park in early 2001 and various sub-masterplans are now underway within it.

The Dawn Developments project on the west edge of masterplan seeks to create an urban extension to the city with a number of urban building types; offices, hotel, student housing and car parking, built on a platform of small scale commercial activity. The diverse mix of uses seeks to overcome the danger of monolithic single use developments prevalent elsewhere. A number of urban approaches are employed such as retention of the existing former goods yard wall to Duke Street and the use of its proportional system to influence and link the character of the different buildings, edging a series of streets, lanes, gardens and canal to the railway line. The plan anticipates the relocation of the High Street station and establishes an urban street edge character as its point of arrival and departure. John Hume's studies in the 1960s of Glasgow's red brick industrial heritage, largely now gone, is re-imagined here.