Kelvinside Church

Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church(1875-6) is a category A listed building designed by James Sellars as a narrow tall structure, bristling with gablets and framed at the front with angle turrets on the outside. Inside, a single vast space with a gallery at one end has echoes of Sainte Chapelle in Paris.

As architects leading a team of specialist consultants and contractors, we have worked for over 10 years in maintaining the balance between conservation of the building and its continued use as a place of worship. Various phases of planned conservation and maintenance have comprised; structural repairs to the fleche, conservation of stained glass window bays, high level stone work and most recently an overhaul of the steep roof.

With limited funding the key to achieving the maintenance of such a building is through a drip feed of restoration and repair, the essence of pragmatic conservation.

  • West End from Saulton Street

  • East End from Observatory Road

  • East Apse from Grosvenor Crescent

  • Sanctuary 

  • Sanctuary from choir loft

  • Rear nave

  • Apse details

  • Roof conservation