Stratton Masterplan

The growth of Inverness over the next half century is anticipated to be in a series of expanded and new settlements extending east to Nairn. One of these areas lies directly to the east of the city of Inverness, and includes an area at Stratton.

The Stratton plan envisages the extension of the existing Smithton and Culloden settlements down to the shores of the Moray Firth. Conceived around a new town centre, new streets and gardens with extensive vistas to the Moray Firth below, are counter balanced with east/west linkages to adjacent future development areas within the broader East Inverness expansion area. The town centre itself is located close to potential routes into the neighbouring settlements of Culloden and Smithton, seeking to serve and expand these existing communities rather than create something new and isolated. This particular aspect of connecting to both the adjacent communities and outwardly to the fantastic landscape and waterside setting will define the character of this new neighbourhood and make it distinctive and memorable.

A variety of urban forms and uses will define the public realm, including shops, community facilities, offices, apartments, townhouses and individual houses, all developed around the principles embodied in the Scottish Government’s Designing Streets policy document.

  • Landscape framework

  • Stratton town centre view onto main square

  • View from signature landscape space towards town centre

  • View along a homezone street

  • View towards supermarket from town centre

  • View along SUDS route

  • View towards supermarket from central landscape space

  • View along site boundary