Glasgow Caledonian University Masterplan

Glasgow Caledonian University, sitting at the northern edge of Glasgow’s city centre, benefits from a close proximity to the central core of the City. As a result, it is easily accessible and due to the compact in nature of its campus, is very well defined. In 2010 we worked closely with the University (involving an extensive consultation process), to examine the qualities and challenges of the existing campus and academic organisation, and then evolved a masterplan to respond to opportunities identified to guide development for the next 25 years.

A core component of the masterplan was to consolidate accommodation back into the central campus, focused around a rearranged ‘heart’.

Glasgow Caledonian University has been a leader of innovation in social learning environments for many years. The Saltire Centre (completed in 2006) has been cited internationally as a leading example of social learning space, and has been replicated in universities across the country. Our masterplan process identified an opportunity to build on that innovation and create the next generation of social learning environment through the adaption and extension of the Saltire into a new ‘heart’ for the University. The project, with strong links to a wider ‘greening’ project for the external spaces and courtyards throughout the campus, seeks to establish a centralised focal space for the University, containing student services, catering, retail, library and social learning functions. The consolidation around this re-visioned heart space will then enable the University to adapt and grow outwards from this clearly defined core.

  • 2008 'Caledonian in the City' study

  • Existing academic distribution

  • Conceptual sketch

  • Proposed academic groupings

  • 10 -15 year masterplan