University of Stirling

The University of Stirling appointed Page \ Park in 2011 to lead the development of a Campus Masterplan, with the clear aim to provide a cohesive structure and framework to guide future development plans and aspirations of the University for the Estate.

The original development plan for the University was produced in 1968 and subsequently updated in 1973 following the initial development of the campus. A review of these original development plans was undertaken in 1994 and an Interim Development Plan prepared at that time in consultation with the Local Authority.

In 2007, following considerable development on the campus, the University undertook a comprehensive review and re-assessment of the campus and its capacity and produced the Estates Strategy 2007-2017.

The masterplan provides a framework that is fully inclusive, promoting the agenda of accessibility, whilst also embracing the modern day demands and challenges associated with sustainable placemaking and energy use.

  • Aerial view of campus as existing

  • Aerial view of campus masterplan

  • Campus masterplan concept diagram

  • Proposed campuswide path network

  • Campuswide landscape management areas