University of Strathclyde Masterplan

City Universities are a curious mix of the institution and the urban. Swing too much to either side of this pendulum, and too institutional can seem elite, distanced, unwelcoming; too city-like and there is a loss of identity, belonging and common purpose. Our University masterplans seek to find this balance.

At the University of Strathclyde, the development seen in the 1960’s seemed to isolate the University institution from its neighbouring city. It was hard to believe that the main city square and Cathedral edged the campus. Our strategic masterplanning work carried out for the University over many years, has resulted in new links being established into the city, and new public places created to serve both the institution and city population. Consecutive masterplans carried out for the University have each responded to new opportunities and requirements, but each consistently seeking to root the campus into its City context for the benefit of both City and University.

  • 2007 birds eye view

  • 1987 plan

  • 1997 plan

  • 2007 plan

  • 2007 campus diagram