St.Andrew's Cathedral, Glasgow

The purpose of the proposed works was twofold : Firstly, the fabric of the existing Cathedral building required conservation and repair to ensure its long-term integrity for the future. Secondly, the Cathedral was not large enough to fulfil its intended purpose as the principal church of the Archdiocese of Glasgow and the seat of its Archbishop.

A full programme of conservation has been undertaken and a rich bold colour scheme including much gold leaf has been introduced based upon the colours within the stained glass windows.

The external enclosing elements of a new cloister have been constructed to the South East of the existing Cathedral. The formation of the cloister, will in the future, provide a flexible multipurpose space or series of spaces that increase the Cathedral’s potential as an appropriate social, exhibition, conference and educational building.

In addition to the cloister, a number of new commissioned works of art have been inserted into the existing building fabric including a new font by artist Tim Pomeroy, a new painting by Peter Howson of Blessed John Ogilvie (the only post Reformation Scottish Saint) and new doors by the artist Jack Sloan.