Dumbarton Road Housing

Nicknames for buildings are a sign of affection. We originally called the new Loretto Housing Association blocks 'the twin palazzos'.

The 'palazzo' name was apt. We wanted to give anyone living there the sense of being special, living in a town palace, not one in a row of tenements or just a block of flats. The palazzo is a built form which prides itself on being independent but still part of the city grain. Cleverly we thought they would frame the industry of the river edge beyond and by making them in aluminium, we would gatepost the relationship between Dumbarton Road and views to the river.

Standing at the windows of the flats we hope there is a little sense of the specialness of the setting and its grandeur, but also we hope that the imagination of the resident and visitors can feel free enough to sail away up and across the river.

Of course we all need brought back down to earth. We have heard one adopted nickname is the 'two tin cans'.