Laurieston Transformational Regeneration Area

Opportunities to create a significant new piece of city are rare. Crown Street in the Gorbals to the south of Glasgow’s city centre is one such example, and has been hugely successful and cited in many urban design planning notes and guidelines as an exemplar model. Laurieston – directly west of Crown Street – is another such opportunity, and was the subject of a masterplan by Urban Initiatives in 2006. Building on our involvement in the wider Crown Street regeneration at New Gorbals, we were asked to review the Urban Initiatives masterplan and identify and design a first phase of the Laurieston regeneration project for New Gorbals Housing Association.

The Laurieston TRA is an ambitious project to regenerate a site directly to the south of the city centre. The development comprises a total of 201 units for Social Rent in collaboration with architects Elder and Cannon. The plan begins to set up the Urban Grid envisaged in the an original Urban Initiatives Masterplan extending the tenemental pattern re-establshed by the successful Crown Street Masterplan nearby. A key concern has been to maximise the visual amenity for the flats in the tight urban setting by including public, semi-public and private gardens/balconies and introducing planted buffer zones along busy streets.