Linburn Phase 2

This cluster of new buildings for the Scottish War Blinded is nestled in the village of Wilkieston. The Charity aspired to extend their Linburn Estate with housing and sports facilities for veterans living with visual impairment. The ambition was to create a family of modest structures within a garden setting. Curved forms and a restrained material palette were used to compliment the existing Linburn Centre to the east of the site. The organisation of the buildings has been kept simple to ease the navigation of users.

The dwellings have generous, light-filled rooms off a central hall. The sports hall has gym and changing facilities to the north and a large room to the south which provides a flexible setting for various activities. The architectural language is consistant throughout. External walls comprise of vertical glazed slots between solid timber bays. The bays support a curved zinc roof which sweeps beyond the external walls to create sheltered welcome and garden areas.

  • External view from the North

  • View of Sports Hall from the South

  • Main Hall

  • Exterior view from the West

  • Gym