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March 20, 2017 \ Creative Workspace
by Paul Sutton

The final review meeting today with those speaking who are involved in the nuts and bolts of the support functions of the office. They operate behind the scenes, they look after the foundation of the office, the space we work in, the IT, how we administer ourselves, HR and crucially finance. The importance of the role is captured in the visualisation of our lander business model, with the support structure represented at the model at the base. As you can imagine in a design culture organisation, the product is everybody’s prime focus, so the unsung efforts of many, that create the context for that creativity, is a critical contribution.

A nice model was put forward to describe how we should see support and its evolution in the practice. Firstly an historical perspective. Many have seen support functions like a wall, an obstacle to get around, climb over, break through. It seems odd that such an important contributor to office functionality should be seen as a blocker. Can we see support functions then in a different way, as processes aimed at informing as well as supporting our creativity?


“Can we redesign the wall?”

Inspiration – let’s turn the wall on its side and shape it like an aerofoil, streamlining our setting for creativity. So in our office setting can we use it as a toolbox of settings to support our creative design of workplaces, in our focus on people how can we grow skills individually and collectively to inform our understanding of how other organisations work, in our IT facilitating more effective production and dovetailing of our awareness of how technology is affecting the sectors in which we operate and in finance smoothing out the processes of financial management recording and action. A parallel with every organisation and business we work for.

At the heart of our creativity is the idea of constantly exploring new ways to meet the needs of organisations and their live / work settings. We believe we can create these settings to enable, facilitate and stimulate their activity. So for our clients, so for ourselves. We need to rethink and innovate the background setting within which we work, that is to transform walls into wings. Easier said than done but if we can streamline that setting we provide a much more effective and creative platform for our creativity.

Talking Heads

March 13, 2017 \ Arts & Culture
by Karen Pickering