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February 15, 2016 \ Workplace & Health
by multiple authors

To be inspired and to inspire others: this must be at the heart of any successful practice. As designers we spend our lives in search of inspiration – people, places, objects, buildings – that form the foundations of our Architectural vocabulary. This inspiration can be found easily in the curated collections of galleries and museums, or the selected works of industry publications, but our influences are not limited to these formal compositions. People, sounds, places and experiences can all have a bearing on the cerebral forces that are manifest as we bring our pencil to paper.

Looking back, we have had the great fortune to work with some truly inspiring clients, whose vision and drive push our own ambition to greater heights to deliver buildings which are charged with the energy of all those who brought them into being. The influence of these clients can be felt long after the dust of the building contract has settled and the results redefine our understanding of what can be achieved.

We attend lectures given by esteemed professionals and scholars, always striving to expand our own capabilities whilst aligning ourselves to the very best industry experts. This collected and accumulated knowledge is our power when a building is on site, understanding the physical, social and psychological limitations so that we can resolve concept and reality until one is indistinguishable from the other.

Inspiration can also be found in the everyday. Our natural world, even in the face of violent human intervention, is a constant source of delight, its state of perpetual flux a reminder of our fragile existence and our duty to touch the earth lightly. If this can be reflected in our buildings it can have a tangible effect on those working within them, creating a sense of balance and wellbeing.

Wrought in belief, heart and hand, this is the catalyst for our Architecture, absorbed into our collective psyche and part of the embodied energy of the buildings we create.

Contained and Porous

February 8, 2016 \ Places to Live
by Chris Simmonds