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July 25, 2016 \ Studio
by Eilidh Henderson

An unusual summer Monday Morning this week. We watched the Twelve minute TED talk by Ellis Watson which he gave at the Theatre Royal earlier in the summer. Entitled ‘Disrupt Yourself or Die Trying ’ it is worth a look if you get a chance. Between exhaustively striding the breadth of the stage, weaving remarkable verbal stories between his steps and condensing his life story into moments of magical revelation was a message that we all need a good shake. We have all stopped evolving, adapting and living rather we have become victims of complacency, consumption and living to die. His answer, change something, change something everyday, keep changing something daily for the rest of your lives.

We went round the room and challenged everyone to speculate ‘on the hoof’ a change they might make. No names but here is the list:

– challenge more and in particular self

– be less inhibited

– let’s do it now not wait

– attempt to be less overwhelmed by work allowing time to have free time

– record more of what is happening

– build at one to one

– break down our own processes

– turn off the email drug, focus on task

– consider if anything that matters can help to get to the root of our procedure

– make a difference through personal interaction

– experiment more with technologies

– make a Monday list including ‘sublime’ things and try and do them

– good at routine so hang onto the disrupters around about

– make time to learn

– get out of routine – routine is the cancer of creativity – shake it!

– be more efficient to release creative time

– disrupt caution

– find pockets of time to think differently

– be more proactive in approaching people

– daily diary to create space for new skills

– step back to have new ideas

– have different views and be surprising

– challenges can be opportunities

– ways to sneak away to avoid speaking

– disruption is my middle name so reboot

– allow for making more mistakes

– bank of makers

– time organisation

– what do we need to do with our resource

– clarity clarity clarity – freedom from the mundane and freedom to express it

– support the Smarties.

More about the last comment to come in the future.


July 11, 2016 \ Studio
by Jamie Hamilton