Glencairn House

Written By

Suzy O’Leary

29.11.2021 News

Page\Park Architects have been commissioned by West Dunbartonshire Council to redevelop Glencairn House on Dumbarton’s High St. Glencairn House is the oldest building in Dumbarton, once the townhouse of the Earls of Glencairn. Our project involves the refurbishment and extension of the existing building to house a new public lending library and local history museum. In addition, a standalone children’s library pavilion will sit at the end of Quay Pend opening out onto a library garden centred around a storytelling tree.

The architecture takes inspiration from the town of Dumbarton and its illustrious history of industry, manufacturing, and innovation. Visual and physical connections to Dumbarton Rock underpin the planning of the proposed extension and children’s library pavilion, with the form of each building shaped to open up towards the Rock, visually linking these three structures together. The proposed glazed ceramic cladding material is colourful, bold and contemporary but also rooted in the story of Dumbarton glassworks and inspired by the glass objects housed in Glencairn House museum. The building is playful, joyful, and optimistic. It looks to support a journey of discovery, both of the objects and stories within the building but also within the town.

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