Future Togetherness

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Eilidh Henderson, David Wyllie

Culture is at the heart of our communities. Of all building types, cultural buildings are ones that people typically chose to visit for personal happiness, stimulation and engagement – the places in which we choose to gather.”

22.7.2020 Thinking

Our gallery and museum venues are slowly re-opening. In the short-medium term we must think about the practical steps needing to be taken. We have documented these measures in the booklet ‘Future Togetherness’ – referencing a blend of physical and operational adaptations – to assist organisations with their planning, and one of a series across the sectors in which Page\Park operate.

Whilst other venues re-open we are left with the conundrum of our performing arts venues, where auditoria are the very antithesis of social distancing and so many of our historic venues are physically constrained.

We are working with some of our clients to assist them in their thinking, and speculating how their spaces may change in the future. However the reality is that our theatres and concert halls face a very tough few months. Having built a recent legacy of projects in this sector we feel this keenly.

We see ‘Future Togetherness’ as a live document under constant review as we learn more.

We are speculating over future trends that may emerge to improve the resilience of the cultural sector going forward, and will share our research as it develops.”

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