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James Brimble

10.8.2021 Thinking

James joined Page\Park in 2017, having graduated from the Mackintosh School of Architecture. James completed his thesis project in Madrid, studying post-civil war political divisions and post-war trauma, and since joining Page\Park he has become a leading member of our housing team, where he regularly demonstrates his keen interest in design for wellbeing. An enthusiastic illustrator, James is graphically accomplished and regularly utilises these skills in his research and analytical work.

After passing my part 3 exam in early 2019, I planned to get back into drawing in my spare time in addition to practice. The national lockdown provided an opportunity to spend time drawing and reengaging with my environment in place of usual social activities.

Glasgow is a fascinating city to live and work in. The city’s wealth of Victorian architecture and scale provide a variety of design opportunities that have been a constant inspiration to my evolving design philosophy.

I believe the process of observational drawing is not only a great way to relax and unwind, but also to build on what I consider essential skills as an architect and designer. I usually begin the day with a quick sketch and always keep a sketchbook with me so that any momentary thought or idea can be captured and stored. This forms a catalogue of ideas that can be shared with clients to clarify and provide reference to any points made.

Drawing is a principal method of communication between clients and architects. Working on my drawing technique has the benefit of demonstrating design intent and proficiency to clients. Additionally, I have found quick sketches provide a fast way of sharing ideas with clients for comment before I begin any CAD work. This allows me to work more efficiently than I would otherwise be able. There is a tangible link between drawing and the process of construction. I am able explore the realm of potential by testing ideas on paper, through to completion of projects on site; this is always extremely fulfilling.

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Collaborating with: Rachel Duckhouse