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Ayr Harbour

Ayr Harbour

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Ayrshire Housing


South Harbour Street, Ayr

Internal Floor Area


The final piece of the Citadel Masterplan

Project Info

The proposal is inspired by the surviving look-out tower of the Citadel, which once marked the edge of the harbour. As the new development marks the new edge of the harbour, each block is articulated by a series of feature look-out towers which face the sea and look back to the town. The blocks look towards the landing area for the Waverley offering a sense of arrival to visitors disembarking.

City & Land

The Site

At the end of July 2018 Page\Park were asked by Ayrshire Housing, through the Ayrshire Housing Framework, to carry out a capacity study for a site on South Harbour Street, Ayr. The site is the last part of a larger masterplan for the area developed in 1994 which has been built-out over the last 25 years.

Aerial View
Aerial View

The site’s previous use was as part of the Port development in Ayr. Maps from the 1960’s show it containing a travelling crane and railheads leading back to the freight rail network over a dedicated viaduct.

Older maps show various warehouses and timber yards on, or adjacent to the harbour area however the site itself was largely clear of buildings to allow space for ships unloading cargo.

The site is one of the last undeveloped parts of the Ayr Citadel Masterplan developed by Patel Taylor for Kyle and Carrick District Council (Now South Ayrshire Council) in 1994.

Photograph from the 1990's
Photograph from the 1990's
Places To live
Citadel Look Out Tower
Citadel Look Out Tower

The proposal is for two 7 storey blocks which overall contain 40 units of which 27 (67%) would be 1 bedroom (2P) and 13 (33%) 2 bedroom (4P) flats. The tapering plan of the site enables the look-out tower of the Block B to get a view past Block A out to sea. The projection of the balcony of the thin block further reduces the apparent width of the block creating an elegant feature complementing the nautical elegance of the Waverley.

View from across the River Ayr
View from across the River Ayr

Windows are concentrated at the narrow ends of the block to maximise the good views from the site to the sea and back to Ayr town centre and minimise the views to the dock area at the North harbour. The proposed brick will be chosen to complement the stone of the citadel wall, and will be broken down with brick relief detailing on the larger gables.

Balcony Details
Balcony Details


Structural Engineer: David Narro Associates
Cost Consultant: NBM Cost Consultants
CDM Co-ordinator: Principal CDM & Safety Ltd
Energy Assessors: Carbon Futures