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Linburn Housing & Sports Hall

Linburn Housing & Sports Hall

Key Facts


Scottish War Blinded


Louis Braille Avenue, Wilkieston, EH27 8EJ



Internal Floor Area



December 2015

Under gently rounded zinc roofs, a community of forms are set within the pastoral woodland setting of the Linburn Estate

Project Info

This cluster of new buildings for the Scottish War Blinded is nestled in the village of Wilkieston. The Charity aspired to extend their Linburn Estate with housing and sports facilities for veterans living with visual impairment. The ambition was to create a family of modest structures within a garden setting. Curved forms and a restrained material palette were used to compliment the existing Linburn Centre to the east of the site. The architectural language is consistent throughout. External walls comprise of vertical glazed slots between solid timber bays. The bays support a curved zinc roof which sweeps beyond the external walls to create sheltered welcome and garden areas.

Places To live

To the north of the site, four single storey dwellings have been designed for occupants with varying needs. Generous, light-filled rooms and an accessible shower room are located off a spacious entrance hall. The front and rear gardens were also an important aspect of the design, as outdoor space contributes to the care and rehabilitation of the residents.

Workplace & Health

The sports hall has gym and changing facilities to the north and a large room to the south which provides a flexible setting for various activities. A simple organisation of spaces allows users to easily form a mental picture of the plan, thus allowing straightforward navigation through the building. Signage, colour, furnishings and acoustics have also been carefully considered to create an environment which reduces the mental stress for users. A variety of accessible green settings have been created for outdoor activities such as gardening and lawn bowls.

Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan


“I am very grateful and thankful to all the people who have made this possible. Having been in the Royal Navy and moved dozens of times, this is the best house I have ever had and will assist greatly in living independently.

The new house has the latest technology including ground source heating and the insulation is superb, so no more going around with four layers of clothes on. There’s a large kitchen, living room, bathroom and a garden which have all been adapted for people living with visual impairments. The peace and quiet as well as the scenery is just magnificent.

The new bungalows are situated close-by to a crescent of houses on the Linburn estate which were built in the 1950s for members blinded during World War Two and their families who developed a strong community of support and solidarity.”

Derek O’Rourke Scottish War Blinded Member

“Our new housing portfolio at Linburn provides a wonderful opportunity for members to live independently in modern, specially adapted bungalows located within tranquil surroundings. Members will also enjoy the opportunity to engage with our wider membership at the Linburn Centre and become part of the warm, supportive community at Linburn.”

Rosie McLaughlin Scottish War Blinded member

Selected Awards

GIA Award 2016


Structural Engineer: Jacobs
M&E Engineer: Harley Haddow LLP
Landscape Architect: Ian White Associates
Cost Consultant: NBM
CDM Co-ordinator: CDM Scotland
Contractor: Project Management & Construction
Photographer: Andrew Lee